Free Space Engineers Game Steam key

Space Engineers Prints created a bundle of 3D printed miniature of Red Ship (3 inch size, MSRP $24.95 + s&h) and a FREE Space Engineers Steam key (MSRP $24.99). This bundle was created for 3D printing enthusiasts who do not have access to Space Engineers game. Now, with your first order you will get access to the game and also get your first full color plastic 3D printed space ship from the game.  Learn more about the game here:

Acquisition Opportunity in 3D Printing

Space Engineers Prints reached a growth phase when it needs an additional resources to scale.  We are looking for a strategic buyer or investor with resources, and experience to take us to higher level of success. We seek a synergistic partner who recognizes and can leverage many opportunities we offer.

Rex, Pirate Hunter about 3D printing

Dafydd Williams as Rex, Pirate Hunter and agent of the Imperium Empire speaks about new Rogue series, a machinima film based on the theme of Space Engineers game. He also reveal a secret of bringing a player own creation into a real word as a physical element through 3D printing process.  Watch, learn and share with your friends. Two Factions collide. Who will win? Who shall die?  Rex, Pirate Hunter is sent on a mission to hunt down the vicious Captain Hugo and his Pirate fleet in the Skaro ...

Red Ship + Astronaut + free shipping

Space Engineers Prints created a bundle of the most popular 3D printed collectibles and provide FREE shipping to players anywhere. Bundle with a free shipping includes 3 inch Red Astronaut and 3 inch miniature Red Ship for a total of $44.90. We have very limited amount of pre-printed inventory. If you consider this offer, order now at: Players can save from $5.95 to...

Space Engineers Prints Wishes You Happy Holidays

Space Engineers Prints would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Our 3D print studio will be closed till January 9, 2017 so any orders for custom 3D printed space ships will be printed in January when we are back. To celebrate this holiday season, we want to offer you a tip for a last minute Christmas gift. It is a bundle of a Space Engineers Steam key and a 3D printed Astronaut or Red Ship from game. Although your 3D print will come after the holiday, your Space Engineers Stea...
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