Space Engineers Astronauts are available also in green color

3d printed Space Engineers Astronauts are now available in three colors: Red, Blue and Green. Players can choose between 2 inch /5.08 cm and 3 inch /7.62 cm tall astronaut in a greeting position. Prices are $9.95 and $19.95 plus shipping. Space Engineers Prints ships to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. New territories can be added on demand.

Astronauts includes pedestals which allow them to stand on your desk and they are great standalone as well as a companion to your 3d printed space ship. Price for 3d printed custom space ship model starts at $59 for 4 inch / 10.6 cm size. Digital Gift card will help you to give a gift of 3D printed Astronaut to anyone you like.  Limited supply of Astronauts are available for immediate shipment. The first-come, first-served rule apply. Purchase here:


Space Engineers Prints said on December 08, 2014:

@Abyzmi Not any plastic, this is $2+ per cubic centimeter material cost and printer which cost more than $80,000. There has been only few hundred of these Astronauts printed so fare. You are getting a deal, so take it while you can. This is premium full color plastic 3d print object, you cannot get anywhere else.

Abyzmi said on December 08, 2014:

$20 for three inches of plastic… Sheesh.

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