Large Ships Beta Has Officially Started

Space Engineers Alert! Private beta is now opened for Large Ships and Platforms. We know that a lot players were waiting for this moment and are eager to print their large ships or even platforms from Space Engineers game. We will accept only limited amount of export files during this private beta and it is first come first served. If you are interested in, learn more here:

Above page will be periodically updated as we will move from private beta to public one and eventually to commercial production as we already did with small ships. If your goal is to 3D print a space ship with a lot of surface details (e.g. landing dear, gatling gun etc.), use a Small Ship blocks. These blocks were already redesigned by our 3D designers and are 3D printable. Learn more here.

If you do not want to spend your time by creating own space ship, but still would like to have a space ship 3D printed, simply access Space Engineers Workshop, download any ship you like, export it and we will 3D print for you. You can also pick any item (e.g. Astronaut, Red Small ship) from our Space Engineers Collectible at:

If you want us to add more content into collectible, let us know and we will accommodate your demand. We lowered the price for our 3D printed small ships and our goal is to continue to keep it affordable to all players. More orders we get, better negotiation position he will have with 3D Systems which exclusively sell us material for building ships. Thank you for your support and for sharing 3D printing information with a fellow players.
Here are few shots of the 3D printed large ship from Space Engineers game. Enjoy.

Registry: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Class: Constitution
Service: 2245–2285 (40 Years)
This is 3d printed model of USS Enterprise originally from Star Trek series (1966–1969). This model was re-created by The_Seattle_Philharmonic in Space Engineers game and is accessible in Workshop:


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