Three space ships added to collection

We added three new 3D printed space ships to Space Engineers 3D print collectibles which already included Astronaut and popular miniature of Red Ship. New addition includes:

- Red Ship: a full color, plastic 3D print of the popular Red Ship from Space Engineers game.  This is must for every Space Engineers enthusiast. Includes all details including small thrusters, landing gear and antennas. Available only in 6 inch size and price is $139.

- Mining Ship: a full color, plastic 3D print of the popular Mining Ship from Easy Start 1 world in Space Engineers game. Its small volume allows affordable production. Available in three different sizes: 4, 5 or 6 inch long. Starts at $39.95.

- Blue Fighter: a full color, plastic 3D print of the popular Blue Fighter from Easy Start 1 world in Space Engineers game. It is quite bulky in 6 inch size. Available in three different sizes: 4, 5 or 6 inch long. Starts at $59.95

You can see all these 3 models at Sketchfab

Prices for these ships starts at $29.95 and ends at $199.95 and are calculated from the ship volume. Check the price and order online at:


Space Engineers Prints said on May 24, 2015:

@StrangeCrunchy1 You are not doing a fair comparison. MG Gundam model kit is created in high volume, probably 10,000+ kits, these are not 3D printed on demand like our models. Material cost of MG Gundam model kit is probably less than $10 ( but with a few thousand dollar set up cost), materials cost of our Red Ship is more than $100. Our models are printed on demand using 3D printer and our material costs much more than cheap plastic used in model kits. Benefits of 3D printing is that it allow us to create a very small amount of prints without very expensive setup cost needed when you want to create model kit traditional way. True benefits will come with a 3D printing a custom ship you created in a game.

StrangeCrunchy1 said on May 24, 2015:

I have to say, I agree. $139 is way too much for a 6" chunk of plastic, no matter how detailed it is…Only reason I’m willing to pay $50-60 for a 6-3/4" MG Gundam model kit is the fact that it has 40+ points of articulation. This has none. That being said, these ARE nice models. The prices just need to be rethought. No piece of plastic is worth that much, sorry.

Space Engineers Prints said on April 14, 2015:

@Engineer Fan!!! ProJet 4500 can print any color but black. If you want your ship in one color we can print it on a different printer for you. Just send us email to with your design and we will give you a quote.

Engineer Fan!!! said on April 13, 2015:

Hi, saw your prints and thought they looked awesome!! Just had a few questions for you, can I get them in different colors and sizes? I would really love a 12" black one.
How much for that? Also make the whole thing completely painted black, not just the red parts like the one in the picture. These would look so awesome, just image it… a large 12" black ship docking at your port… cant wait.

Keep up the good work!

eric said on April 09, 2015:

hi, awesome stuff, 3d printing has come along way, we are now able to print 3d engines, medical tools, and just every day stuff. im glad your using this in relation with your game rather than making a shitty product that you end up mass producing and giving a bad rep to your company, but glad you havent gone down this road.

Space Engineers Prints said on April 09, 2015:

@TheTreeman Thank you being fan of the Space Engineers and for honesty. Unfortunately you are incorrect. 6 inch Red Ship is very large in volume and that is why it cost $139. Similar size model on Shapeway or from other 3D print studios would go for $200+. Even if you would have it build in Lego pieces the price would still be more than $100. Please understand that all these 3D prints are made on demand. We sold only one 6 inch Red Ship, so you can classify these more as an ART or Prototypes and those are expensive. Your comparison is to cheap plastic mold, which are created in China and printed in thousands, our models are created on demand and have much better resolution/details. Price of our product directly depends on the cost of the material we have to purchase from 3D Systems. Price may go down in future once the volume of player orders will increase and more full color printers will be released on the market (this may take another 2-3 years), meantime Space Engineers Prints is not the only place where you can get these 3D prints but also the most affordable one. If 6 inch size is not in budget, try 3 inch size for $24.95 or even astronauts for $9.95.

TheTreeman said on April 09, 2015:

Okay, I have an update for my previous comment. The 6-inch Red Ship is $139, but I think it’s really worth something more like 10 bucks, at the most. I’m not saying it’s poorly made, these prints are awesome. But no amount of quality or craftsmanship can change the fact that it’s a little plastic spaceship, and I’m not going to pay the same price I would for a basic smartphone to get a little plastic spaceship.

I’ll stop ranting now. Thanks for listening.

TheTreeman said on April 09, 2015:

I love the game, these are great ships, and the prints are totally cool, but the price needs to be cut down by about 80%. A little plastic model of the Blue Fighter is nowhere near worth 30 dollars.

Sorry SE Prints, you lost me at the pricing a long time ago.

John Riso said on April 08, 2015:

When I have extra money I will have some of my models done!

Space Engineers Prints said on April 08, 2015:

@Calvin @Coyote714 Thank you very much for your comments. Large ships can be printed with modded block now. Check the LARGE SHIP button on the top.

Calvin said on April 08, 2015:

I love this game with a pation and what makes it better is that you guys accept mods!

Coyote714 said on April 07, 2015:

Nice models!

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