Acquisition Opportunity in 3D Printing

Space Engineers Prints reached a growth phase when it needs an additional resources to scale.  We are looking for a strategic buyer or investor with resources and experience to take us to higher level of success. We seek a synergistic partner who recognizes and can leverage many opportunities we offer.

During this process, Space Engineers Prints will seek to find acquirer with a long-term vision for the further grow and will continue to operate at a current level smoothly until this process is finished.


Project At-a-Glance

In October 2014, SPACE ENGINEERS PRINTS, a premium service that allows Space Engineers players to receive a full color plastic 3D model of space ships they have designed in the game was launched. Initially, this service was available as beta only to players in USA. Within few months, Space Engineers Prints started to ship to Canada, Europe and Australia and introduced popular 3D printed collectible collections. New generation of 3D printers announced at CES 2014 allowed full color plastic 3D prints as well as mass customization in manufacturing. New technology promised a fast, high volume custom production, so this cross industry project was born. Space Engineers Prints was a first commercial bureau which offered full color plastic 3D prints from PC games in North America. During a short period of our existence, we managed to build online presence with 200,000+ unique visitors and delivered hundreds of 3D printed models. In May 2015, Space Engineers Prints was recognized as “Winner of Great Idea for Small Business contest #GIFSBcontest”, funded by BBVA Compass Bank. Photos and videos of our 3D printed models can be found at our Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel.

Acquisition Opportunity

Although we are primary looking for a strategic buyer from 3D printing or game industry with complementary products or services that share common customers, we would consider any proposal. Additional information are on our AngelList page. 

Should you have an interest in exploring this opportunity, we welcome the chance to speak with you. Replies will be kept in the strictest confidence. Contact us as to schedule introductory conference call.

If McKinsey is right, you will investing in $4 trillion market while you will be helping game players to experience their virtual creation in a real world. Bellow is a sample of models created in Space Engineers game and 3D printed by Space Engineers Prints. Space Engineers is an Early Access PC game on Steam with more than 2.2 million players.


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