Space Engineers Prints - 3 inch small Red Ship

$ 24.95

A full color, plastic 3D print of Red Ship from Space Engineers game. This is miniature version of popular memorabilia and is must for every Space Engineers enthusiast.

This is limited edition of 3d print available exclusively only at Space Engineer Prints web site. Some small details like small thrusters, antennas, gatling guns and others were removed to fit 3 inch size (it is a little bit heavier than 3 inch Astronaut). Red ship can stand on flat surface on your desk or monitor, or you can even carry it with you in your pocket. It is 3d printed on a demand on the same printer we use to print models of larger space ships. Volume of this 3D print is just under 14 cubic centimeters. Allow 2 days to print and ship your order.
See this 3D model on Sketchfab at:

Would you prefer larger size and more details? Try our 6 inch size large Red ship at:

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