Material: Full color plastic.

Price  Real world size  Game size (longest side of a ship)
$59  4 inch / 10.16 cm up to 25 small ship blocks
$89  5 inch / 12.7 cm up to 30 small ship blocks
$129  6 inch /  15.24 cm up to 35 small ship blocks

$=USD (7% sales tax for FL residents)
Warning: If your ship design is bulky, meaning it is built in more than one direction, it may require additional fee for material. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Ships in:       10 business days.
Shipping:      $19 for FedEx Ground or $39 for FedEx Express Saver to USA
                       $19 for USPS First-Class or $29 for UPS Standard to Canada
                       $59 for USPS First-Class to Australia and Europe

Order your Space Engineers Small Ship here:

Size(s) and territories
This service is available to players in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. If you live somewhere else, please contact was for custom quote for shipping.

Look and feel
Your space ship will have a rough, grainy feel. It will be relatively lightweight and slightly porous. It will display the whole color spectrum, but black will show up closer to a charcoal grey due CMY process. Since the most of the computer monitors are not calibrated, you may notice a small difference in colors. Surface textures may not be printed exactly as seen on the monitor.  When your package is first opened, it may have a plastic smell, but this will fade over time.

Design guide

  • Respect the maximum block limits, 25 blocks for 4 inch, 30 blocks for 5 inch and 35 blocks for 6 inch.
  • Use only default small blocks, no modded blocks.
  • Wheels and other moving blocks will print but will not move.
  • No interior.
  • If using a landing gear, use at least 3 legs and spread them away so the weight is distributed.
  • Struts and beams should be at least one block thick.
  • Build ship only in one direction, no massive cube design.
  • Limit usage of black color to small areas since it prints as an inconsistent dark grey
    Watch these videos: Space Engineers - 3D Printing, Dusting Off Your Ship
    Space Engineers - 3D Printing, From Game To Reality, First Look

Note: The most of small blocks released with Planets are printable, including planetary thrusters we had to redo. As of January 2017, export from game under DX11 is broken. Our recommendation is to use  dx9 32bit branch of game for export. You can always email us your design before you placed order at: to verify if it is printable.

How to export ship from Space Engineer game?

  1. Run Space Engineer game in a creative mode  and look at a ship you want us to print for you.
  2. Click CTRL+ALT+E. (This shortcut will export a file and show its location and name, e.g. Use smaller zip file with a .sbc file)

How does my ship get printed?
Full color plastic ships are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer onto a bed of plastic powder. After printing, the bed is heated, further strengthening the products inside. When this heat treatment is complete, products are removed from the print bed and cleaned to remove excess powder. 

Automated and Manual checks
Your space ship is unique by design. So unique that we perform individual checks to ensure it can be 3D printed. We work closely with Keen Software House to be sure that most of the blocks used in game can be 3D printed, but some blocks still may not be. If we cannot print your space ship you will get a full refund or you will have an option to provide us updated design without unprintable blocks. After you add your ship file to your shopping cart and check out, our quality engineers get to work. They individually analyze your space ship file and ensure we can successfully 3D print it. Our manual checks includes: 

- Wall Thickness
- Wire Thickness
- Detailed parts will show up after printing
- All pieces are properly connected
- Amount and size of escape holes for support materials
- Size / volume of the ship

If we find any problem with your design, we will immediately let you know and will work with you to resolve any printability issues.

Order your Space Engineers Small Ship here:

Please note that the 3D printed products are intended for decorative purposes. They are not suited to be given to underage children or to be used as toys. The products should not come into contact with electricity and be kept away from heat. Our materials are not food safe!

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